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SOLVED provides schools with highly customized professional development and coaching solutions.

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Types of Coaching

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In-Person Coaching

In-person coaching allows for a deeper, more personal connection between the coach and the instructor, fostering trust and rapport. It enables the coach to observe body language, facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues, which can provide valuable insights into the instructor’s emotions and mindset. Real-time interactions facilitate immediate feedback and adjustments, enhancing the learning process. In-person coaching can create a more immersive learning experience and may be better suited for hands-on skills development.

Remote Coaching

Remote coaching eliminates geographical barriers, making it accessible to individuals regardless of their location. Remote also offers flexibility in scheduling sessions, allowing participants to work with coaches in different time zones or fit coaching into their busy schedules. It's easier to record and document remote coaching sessions, which can serve as valuable references for future learning and progress tracking. Remote often leverages technology for virtual meetings, providing opportunities for creative use of tools like video conferencing, screen sharing, and interactive platforms.

Coach giving a remote meeting

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Our Experts

Bring the World to Your Math Class with Julio Penagos

Check out this interview with Julio Penagos, education problem solver and co-founder of SOLVED. He shares his advice for helping students to learn math through experiences. He digs into examples of how to bring the world to math class, the benefits of incorporating stories in math class, and tips on content and engagement.

What Our Customers Say

"I cannot recommend SOLVED enough for their videography and photography services at our school’s Science Fair! The parents and staff are delighted. Thank you for your professionalism and artistry."
Meri Dimas
Meri Dimas
Assistant Principal at 28Q350
“As soon as I saw the app, I realized how impactful it is. I can find everything in one place!”
Principal Rivera
Principal Rivera
Principal at JHS 22 Jordan L. Mott
“This app and dashboard are so smart! Why doesn't every school have one?”
Rosalie Favuzza
Rosalie Favuzza
Principal at The Joan Snow Pre-K Center
“Partnering with SOLVED frees up my time to focus on helping my students succeed”
Dr. Arabelle Pembroke
Dr. Arabelle Pembroke
Principal at Riverdale Avenue Middle School

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