The SOLVED founders, executive and supporting teams are made up of educators. Unlike most Silicon Valley tech companies, we are committed to building products that elevate your school rather than our brand.

SOLVED team in an in peson meeting
Melisa Mañanes, Brooke Tekell and Scott in a meeting

Our Story

SOLVED was founded and is led by former NYC Public School educators. In collaboration with school leadership teams, SOLVED consultants support teachers’ efforts to improve students’ learning opportunities.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that educational institutions are equipped to prepare students for success in an ever-changing world. We are dedicated to conducting thorough research, staying abreast of the latest trends and advancements in education, and disseminating our knowledge to institutions seeking to enhance their curricula, teaching methods, and assessment practices.

Our Mission

Our mission at SOLVED is very simple: help schools!

Schools thrive when they leverage world-class technology and professional development tools.  Our team of data scientists, software engineers, and experienced educators allows you to focus on classroom instruction while we modernize your family engagement, data management and professional development protocols.

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Our Method

Math Instruction

Discover how mathematical tasks and questions differ with respect to the level of thinking required to solve them

Student Engagement

Design & implement instructional activities proven to increase student participation & engagement, such as active note taking mini-lessons

ELA & Humanities Instruction

Scaffold strategies for content literacy in F2F & Google Classroom

Remote Learning Tools

Learn to use & leverage programs such as Google Classroom & Tools, Nearpod, EdPuzzle, Flipgrid, Padlet & more to bring your skills to the next level!

Blended Learning & Technology Implementation

Design and implement models that leverage the unique advantages of personalized learning software

Digital Assessments

Use Google Forms to digitize exam items & to create new standards-aligned formative & summative assessments

Our Philosophy

Promote Growth Mindset for Students & Teachers

A school culture which values growth mindset encourages students and adults to persevere, learn from their mistakes, and take ownership of their own learning.

Increase Student Engagement through Discourse

Leverage students' natural desire to communicate to optimize their engagement.

Demonstrate Effective Feedback Strategies

Support teachers’ learning of using real-time verbal feedback to deepen student understanding.

Deepen Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Engage teachers in extending their content knowledge and connect this new learning to their classroom practice.

Assess & Analyze Data for Educators

Integrate proven technologies into the everyday classroom experience to systematically collect data on student performance.

Develop Rich Curriculum, Unit & Lesson Plans

Design differentiated tasks that engage learners with multiple access points and encourage deep thinking.

Our Results

SOLVED has partnered with 300+ schools in the last 10 years

In collaboration with school leadership teams, SOLVED has a proven track record of increasing student performance outcomes as measured by NYS assessment scores, including:​

  • PS 48 (Queens) Increased ELA & Math proficiency levels by 10 percentage points
  • ​PS 21 (Staten Island) Increased ELA proficiency levels by 43 percentage points & Math proficiency levels by 40 percentage points over the past 5 years
  • PS 446 (Brooklyn) Increased MATH proficiency levels by 17 percentage points in the NYS 23 Exams
  • PS 150 (Brooklyn) Increased MATH proficiency levels by 14 percentage points in the NYS 23 Exams
  • Brooklyn Brownstone School (Brooklyn) Increased MATH proficiency levels by 13 percentage points
  • MS/PS 031 (Bronx) Increased ELA proficiency levels by 12 percentage points and MATH proficiency levels by 15 percentage points
  • PS 154 Harriet Tubman Learning Center (Manhattan) Increased MATH proficiency levels by 24 percentage points
Proficient Students Chart with 27% of procient students
Proficient Students Chart with 40% of procient students

What Our Customers Say

"I cannot recommend SOLVED enough for their videography and photography services at our school’s Science Fair! The parents and staff are delighted. Thank you for your professionalism and artistry."
Meri Dimas
Meri Dimas
Assistant Principal at 28Q350
“As soon as I saw the app, I realized how impactful it is. I can find everything in one place!”
Principal Rivera
Principal Rivera
Principal at JHS 22 Jordan L. Mott
“This app and dashboard are so smart! Why doesn't every school have one?”
Rosalie Favuzza
Rosalie Favuzza
Principal at The Joan Snow Pre-K Center
“Partnering with SOLVED frees up my time to focus on helping my students succeed”
Dr. Arabelle Pembroke
Dr. Arabelle Pembroke
Principal at Riverdale Avenue Middle School

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