The SOLVED founders and team members are educators. Unlike most Silicon Valley tech companies, we are committed to building products that elevate your school rather than our brand.

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Meet Our Team


Ben Carney, CEO

Fresh out of college, Ben Carney taught mathematics in two NYC DOE public high schools while simultaneously obtaining a Masters of Teaching from Pace University and a Masters of Education Policy at New York University. ​Embracing differentiation was a key component of Ben’s teaching philosophy as his students' mathematical abilities ranged from well below grade-level to incredibly advanced. So Ben asked, “if we believe in differentiation, then why don’t we simply take it one step further and truly embrace personalized learning experiences for all students?”​
Ben has been obsessed with personalized learning ever since he began his journey as an independent Education Consultant in 2013. Over time, as an instructional coach, he collaborated with several teachers to modernize mathematics instruction by implementing a variety of blended learning models. Most recently, Ben has expanded the SOLVED services and the team of Innovative Education Experts. SOLVED has designed and built over 300 custom school & district mobile apps and websites, continues to bring innovative solutions to classroom teachers in over 250 schools, and expanded the SOLVED team to over 80 experts.

Matias BrocatoSOLVED Consulting Logo

Matias Brocato

Chief Operating Officer
Bethany OsbaldestonSOLVED Consulting Logo

Bethany Osbaldeston

Director of Tech Operations & Development
Jenniffer RojasSOLVED Consulting Logo

Jenniffer Rojas

Director of Internal Operations
Haris Papamichael, Ph.DSOLVED Consulting Logo

Haris Papamichael, Ph.D

Director of Product Management
Bianca TejadaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Bianca Tejada

Director of Coaching & Founding Member
Gabriel AgustinSOLVED Consulting Logo

Gabriel Agustin

Data Lead
Melisa MananesSOLVED Consulting Logo

Melisa Mananes

Tech Lead
Brooke TekellSOLVED Consulting Logo

Brooke Tekell

Partner Relationships & Marketing
Carolina PenagosSOLVED Consulting Logo

Carolina Penagos

Partner Relationships & Tech Producer
Ce'Kayia CarpenterSOLVED Consulting Logo

Ce'Kayia Carpenter

Partner Relationships
Damian ButlerSOLVED Consulting Logo

Damian Butler

Partner Relationships & Senior Consultant
Jasmine RobinsonSOLVED Consulting Logo

Jasmine Robinson

UX/UI Designer
Jake Klerlein, Ph.DSOLVED Consulting Logo

Jake Klerlein, Ph.D

Partner Relationships & Data Specialist
Jeremy St. RomainSOLVED Consulting Logo

Jeremy St. Romain

Creative Director
Jennifer ConsalviSOLVED Consulting Logo

Jennifer Consalvi

Partner Relationships & Data Specialist
Scott WalkerSOLVED Consulting Logo

Scott Walker

Systems Administrator​
Krizzia SiaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Krizzia Sia

Executive Assistant
Aditya KasanaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Aditya Kasana

Tech Specialist
Aditya SharmaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Aditya Sharma

Data Specialist
Alvaro NogueralesSOLVED Consulting Logo

Alvaro Noguerales

Special Projects Lead
Arun GuptaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Arun Gupta

Data Specialist
Eduardo LunaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Eduardo Luna

Data Specialist
Ethan McDonellSOLVED Consulting Logo

Ethan McDonell

Software Development Intern
Gagandeep KaurSOLVED Consulting Logo

Gagandeep Kaur

Tech Specialist
Hien NguyenSOLVED Consulting Logo

Hien Nguyen

Web Developer
Jayant GuptaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Jayant Gupta

Data Specialist
Lakhan SinghSOLVED Consulting Logo

Lakhan Singh

Data Specialist
Shan HaiderSOLVED Consulting Logo

Shan Haider

Data Specialist
Shivam GuptaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Shivam Gupta

Tech Specialist
Yash PanwarSOLVED Consulting Logo

Yash Panwar

Tech Specialist

Meet Our Consultants

Julio PenagosSOLVED Consulting Logo

Julio Penagos

Founding Member & Director of Professional Learning
Albert BarabasSOLVED Consulting Logo

Albert Barabas

Leadership Coach & Senior Consultant
Angela ReynoldsSOLVED Consulting Logo

Angela Reynolds

Instructional Coach
Caroline HoppenwasserSOLVED Consulting Logo

Caroline Hoppenwasser

TALE Instructional Coach
Carrie KizukaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Carrie Kizuka

Instructional Coach
Christina WallaceSOLVED Consulting Logo

Christina Wallace

Instructional Coach
Christine Del NegroSOLVED Consulting Logo

Christine Del Negro

Instructional Coach
Denise SavoySOLVED Consulting Logo

Denise Savoy

Instructional Coach
Deon EdwardsSOLVED Consulting Logo

Deon Edwards

Instructional Coach
Elisa TejadaSOLVED Consulting Logo

Elisa Tejada

Instructional Coach
Evelyn RebollarSOLVED Consulting Logo

Evelyn Rebollar

Instructional Coach
Frances LevineSOLVED Consulting Logo

Frances Levine

Instructional Coach
Geillan AlySOLVED Consulting Logo

Geillan Aly

Instructional Coach
Halle KananackSOLVED Consulting Logo

Halle Kananack

Instructional Coach
Helene AlaloufSOLVED Consulting Logo

Helene Alalouf

Instructional Coach
John SchembariSOLVED Consulting Logo

John Schembari

Instructional Coach
Lynne CallenderSOLVED Consulting Logo

Lynne Callender

Instructional Coach
Mandy VadnaiSOLVED Consulting Logo

Mandy Vadnai

Instructional Coach
Martin Gottlieb, Ph.DSOLVED Consulting Logo

Martin Gottlieb, Ph.D

Instructional Coach
Martin ReedSOLVED Consulting Logo

Martin Reed

Instructional Coach
Martin WilsonSOLVED Consulting Logo

Martin Wilson

Instructional Coach
Mary DankeSOLVED Consulting Logo

Mary Danke

Instructional Coach
Ria GrosvenorSOLVED Consulting Logo

Ria Grosvenor

Instructional Coach
Maura MussoSOLVED Consulting Logo

Maura Musso

TALE Instructional Coach
Risa KatzSOLVED Consulting Logo

Risa Katz

Instructional Coach
Ron MorrisSOLVED Consulting Logo

Ron Morris

Instructional Coach
Susan MidlarskySOLVED Consulting Logo

Susan Midlarsky

Instructional Coach
Suzanne BrooksSOLVED Consulting Logo

Suzanne Brooks

TALE Instructional Coach
Victoria SeawallSOLVED Consulting Logo

Victoria Seawall

Instructional Coach
Wayne EdwardsSOLVED Consulting Logo

Wayne Edwards

Instructional Coach

What Our Customers Say

"I cannot recommend SOLVED enough for their videography and photography services at our school’s Science Fair! The parents and staff are delighted. Thank you for your professionalism and artistry."
Meri Dimas
Meri Dimas
Assistant Principal at 28Q350
“As soon as I saw the app, I realized how impactful it is. I can find everything in one place!”
Principal Rivera
Principal Rivera
Principal at JHS 22 Jordan L. Mott
“This app and dashboard are so smart! Why doesn't every school have one?”
Rosalie Favuzza
Rosalie Favuzza
Principal at The Joan Snow Pre-K Center
“Partnering with SOLVED frees up my time to focus on helping my students succeed”
Dr. Arabelle Pembroke
Dr. Arabelle Pembroke
Principal at Riverdale Avenue Middle School

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