5 Ways to Promote Your School and Increase Enrollment

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July 21, 2023

In today's competitive educational landscape , schools need to be proactive in their efforts to attract and enroll students. To achieve this, it is crucial for schools to promote themselves effectively and provide an enticing experience for prospective families.

In this blog post, we will explore five key strategies that can help schools boost enrollment numbers and create a positive impression on parents, students, and staff. From upgrading your website to leveraging the power of storytelling, creating a welcoming entrance experience, and embracing technology with a school app , these approaches will enable schools to stand out and thrive in the competitive education sector.

1. Upgrade Your Website!

Your school website is your most influential recruiting tool. Are you proud of your website? Is your website currently attracting highly motivated parents, students, and teachers? If your school website is outdated, difficult to navigate, or lacks language translation, then parents will turn the other way – and rightfully so. What message are you sending? If you don’t care about your website, what else do you not care about?

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For many schools, a website is an afterthought. We get it, you’re busy with a million things. But if you skimp on your website, parents will skimp on you. Your website should be updated at least once a week, if not daily.

2. Dear Principals, Tell Your Story!

Dear Principals - if you don’t craft your narrative, then others will for you. Parents want to know what the school leader is all about. As a leader, you need to convince parents, students and staff to join your school community. What is your vision? What is your mission? What drives you personally? Why did you become a Principal? What are you trying to accomplish this school year? What is the one thing you say each and every day–your catch phrase– to remind everyone what you’re all about?

Parents want to know they can trust you. Your job is to gain trust. To gain trust, tell your story. People remember narratives, not stats. Craft a narrative that will attract great families and staff to your school.

3. Promotional Video:

You can tell your story over and over on repeat or you can capture it on video and post it across your website, app, social media, and play it during recruiting events. A professionally edited three-minute promotional video sets the tone for your recruitment efforts. A video is a great way to showcase your:

  • Students
  • Sports and Arts programs
  • Academics
  • Principal’s Message
  • School Mission & Vision
  • School facilities
  • PTA

4. Creating a Welcoming Entrance Experience!

Walk into the entrance of your school and ask yourself “is this somewhere I want to be, is this a welcoming environment, am I excited to be here?” If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to put time, energy and money into your school entrance. First impressions matter to everyone. Send a message to prospective families when they walk in your building: This is a well-run school. How to send the right message?

  1. Picture Frames! Why picture frames? Frames are classy, professional and create a calming environment. Pictures of smiling students, smiling staff, and a professional headshot of the school leader goes a long way.
  2. Say Hello! Train your staff how to say “Hello, welcome to our school!”. Does the front desk say hello or are people ignored upon arrival? Immediately acknowledge the presence of visitors to your school. After all, it may just be a prospective parent with students to enroll.
  3. Clearly stated mission and vision statement: Frame these too! Why should I enroll my kids at your school? Convince me! People want to be convinced. Your job is to do the convincing, starting with your mission and vision statement.
  4. More Info: Now that you’ve nailed the entrance, ensure prospective families, students and staff know where to get additional information about your school. Post well-positioned QR Codes that lead to your school website.
  5. Ensure one-page flyers and recruitment folders are readily available. Once you’ve made a welcoming introduction, ensure people have something to chew on when they leave the building.
marcus garvey enrollment flyer

5. Get a School App!

Websites are great but in 2023, we spend countless hours absorbed in our phones. Demonstrate that your school is technologically advanced with not only a website, but an app too ! Ensure your school calendar, events, contact information, news, sports schedules, and announcements are accessible with the click of an app. Parents want to click an app rather than typing “www.yourschool.com” into a browser. The fewer the clicks, the more likely parents will access your online presence.

Imagine the look on parent’s faces when they see ALL of the information they need, in any language, accessible in your school app. By 2030 every school will have an app, similar to how every school now has a website today. You can be ahead of the curve now or play catch up later.

school app

Promoting your school and increasing enrollment requires strategic planning and a comprehensive approach. Upgrading your website , sharing your story, creating a welcoming entrance experience, leveraging promotional videos, and embracing a school app are five effective strategies that can help your school stand out in the competitive education landscape.

By investing in these areas, you communicate your commitment to providing a high-quality educational experience and build trust with prospective families, students, and staff. Remember, the impression you create during the recruitment process plays a vital role in attracting the right individuals who align with your school's values and contribute to its growth and success.

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