Texas Educator's Guide to Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements & Courses

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February 20, 2024

The Comprehensive Guide to Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in Texas

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is an essential part of professional growth and development for educators in Texas. It ensures that educators remain knowledgeable and effective in their roles. This comprehensive guide outlines the CPE requirements, types of activities accepted, documentation, and frequently asked questions for educators seeking to fulfill their CPE credits in Texas. 

SOLVED Consulting, a TEA approved CPE course provider in Texas, offers asynchronous digital courses designed to help educators meet these requirements through our courses covering ELL, TALE, and ongoing professional development programs.

Who Needs CPE Credits?

All educators holding a standard teacher or professional certificate, including superintendents, principals, counselors, school librarians, educational diagnosticians, and reading specialists, are required to earn CPE credits. However, paraprofessionals and candidates in educator preparation programs are not eligible for CPE credits through these programs.

CPE Requirements for Texas Educators

All Texas educators with a standard certificate must complete a designated number of CPE hours within each five-year renewal period. The requirements are as follows:

Classroom Teachers: Must accrue 150 CPE hours.

Administrative and/or Student Services Certificates: No more than 200 CPE hours are required, irrespective of holding multiple certificates.

Librarians, Resource Specialists, Educational Diagnosticians, Reading Specialists, Counselors, and Principals: Specific CPE hour requirements are outlined in dedicated guidelines.

Pre- and Post-1999 Certificate Requirements

  • For certificates issued after 1999: Renewal is required every five years, with educators needing to accrue either 150 clock hours for classroom teachers or 200 clock hours for other professional class certificates.
  • Certificates issued before September 1, 1999: Opting into the Standard Certificate requires completing either 200 clock hours (professional certificates) or 150 clock hours (Provisional Certificate) every five years.

Hardship Exemption for CPE

A hardship exemption may be requested for educators who have not completed the required CPE hours due to valid reasons. This exemption is valid for the academic year of application and can be renewed once, with the request coming from the superintendent or designated school official.

Superintendent Required Training

Superintendents must complete at least 2.5 hours of training every five years on identifying and reporting potential victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other maltreatment of children. This training is crucial for protecting students and ensuring a safe learning environment.

CPE Providers

CPE activities can be offered by a variety of pre-approved providers, including:

  • State Board for Educator Certification, Texas Education Agency, and TEA approved CPE vendors.
  • Accredited institutions of higher education.
  • Regional education service centers and Texas public school districts.
  • Accredited private schools and professional membership associations.

Acceptable CPE Activities

CPE hours can be accrued through various activities, including:

Special Topics for CPE Credits

Educators are encouraged to focus on areas that will enhance their teaching effectiveness, including technology integration, student diversity, mental health, and more. For example, classroom teachers need to include training on topics like digital learning, educating diverse student populations, and understanding professional ethics.

CPE Documentation and TEA Audits

Educators must keep documentation of all CPE activities, such as certificates of completion, transcripts, or time logs. This documentation is crucial if selected for an audit by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). It's important to note that educators are responsible for verifying the approval status of CPE providers.

Simplifying CPE Documentation with SOLVED Consulting

SOLVED Consulting addresses the challenge of CPE documentation head-on, offering immediate certification upon course completion and providing monthly updated logs of all CPE hours. This streamlined process ensures educators can easily manage their professional development records without delay.

Key Features:

  • Immediate Certificates: Receive certificates right after finishing CPE courses, removing waiting times for documentation.
  • Monthly CPE Logs: SOLVED Consulting sends out updated logs monthly, keeping educators' records accurate and audit-ready.

SOLVED Consulting's approach not only simplifies CPE documentation but also underscores our dedication to supporting educators' professional growth with minimal administrative hassle.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) certificate from SOLVED, Texas Education Agency approved provider
Continuing Professional Education (CPE) certificate from SOLVED, Texas Education Agency approved provider

SOLVED Consulting CPE Courses

SOLVED Consulting is proud to offer CPE courses in Texas that align with the TEA requirements. Our courses are designed to support educators in their continuous professional development, offering topics relevant to today’s educational challenges. With SOLVED, educators can earn CPE credits necessary for teaching in New York and now CPE credits in Texas.

Why Choose SOLVED for Your CPE Needs?

  • Relevant Content: Our courses cover essential topics such as digital literacy, classroom management, and student mental health.
  • Flexibility: Access our courses online, making it convenient for educators to complete their CPE requirements.
  • Accredited: SOLVED's courses are approved by the TEA, ensuring your CPE hours are recognized.

Getting Started

Start enhancing your teaching skills and meeting your CPE requirements today with SOLVED Consulting. Explore our courses designed specifically for Texas educators. Our expanding course library ensures you have access to the latest educational strategies and tools. Visit our website to learn more and enroll in our CPE courses.

By staying informed and proactive in your professional development, you can ensure that you meet the CPE requirements while enhancing your skills and knowledge as an educator. SOLVED Consulting is here to support you every step of the way.

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